Helping Houston

Alone we are strong…together we are stronger! 💕🙌 People of all ages, traveled from all over to load the trucks for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief 🚚❤️🚛 Our very own @benhamptoneven sent Iron Man to save Texas, because everyone knows Iron Man can save anyone 😇💪Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, @be_more_athletics@anacheri @danfleyshman@caseylovesfitness @jessahinton@kevinostaj @marcela_m_ 🚚💕🙌 It saddens us … Read more

Our time in Mexico

on Sep 23, 2017 at 11:50am PDT Model Citizen Fund flew out to Mexico to help with the disaster relief. We put our work boots on and went into the rubble to assist with finding victims who were trapped. This experience was completely humbling and life changing for our entire team. Being there at the … Read more

Model Citizen Fund is a non-profit that provides a platform where people can see a true IMMEDIATE cause & effect by donating backpacks with over 150 items inside to underprivileged people around the world to give them the tools and confidence to build/rebuild their lives.