Steve Aoki’s Charity Poker Tournament


The Steve Aoki Charitable Fund is raising money and bringing attention to important brain research.

This past weekend, Steve Aoki threw an epic party at Dan Bilzerian’s house, complete with a giraffe named Tiny… and the best music possible when Aoki himself stepped into the DJ booth. He also made sure The Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which chose to focus on brain research, raised $67,500 for such an amazing cause.

“We all got a brain and know very little about it. Time to start diving into the most impressive innovative machine in the galaxy. Bring on the #neonfuture.” – Aoki

The winner of Poker Tournament won two tickets to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao 2015 fight. Second place won an original art piece by Odlaw, and third place won a black diamond jewelry piece from Metal Noir.




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