Marvin EpsteinSenior Advisor

    Marvin Epstein is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who is a director level business strategist and principal investor. He has been successful in creating investment opportunities through his relationships and creates previously undiscovered cross marketing business opportunities. He enjoyed years of success in finance with his expertise marketing to private investors thus creating I.A.T. Capital, a private enterprise. His focus is working with fellow entrepreneurs and executives in a variety of business investments including sports, gaming, entertainment, new media technology and hospitality.

    Marvin later became a principal and partner of Karma International, a private membership organization that provides a sensational social community for entrepreneurs and executives that want to make a difference. They have raised awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of deserving organizations including Model Citizen. His most recent endeavor in 2016 launched a full service media company, Pure Alliance Group that incorporates a unique social media influencers marketing strategy for all entertainment properties, event production & content development media distribution and philanthropy.

    Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Marvin ran a video display production company, producing events, marketing campaigns and sponsorship development programs for clients including MTV, World Cup Soccer, The Olympics, and Coca-Cola. Partnering with NASCAR and Speedway Motor sports Inc he created the first closed circuit outdoor television network.

    Marvin graduated with a degree in business administration from Long Beach State University, he continues to impact college students as a guest speaker to many entrepreneur clubs and universities. As a board member of several charities and an experienced public speaker, his goal is to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and future leaders about effective business strategies that will benefit charities while improving the lives of others. Humbled by receiving his 2016 Viva Vegas Humanitarian of the Year award His passion remains to positively impact the world and lay the groundwork for a better overall environment.

    Mr. Epstein is proud and privileged to be on the board of Model Citizen